Friday, October 31, 2014

The great mystery

Taj Mahal

Like this you are


People build
People build big things
People build big things to demonstrate
That they are big
And they are right
In every way


From that cliff i've seen the light
But it wasn't the only one
So many cliffs
So many
Wich should i pick?
Should i pick them all?
You could...
Do you need a cliff?
What if you could fly?
You could be above cliffs...

 Capital letter

Sun is in my eyes
When i recognise myself
As who i am
Star between stars
Little i know of this
But i can learn
From the one in the sky
He could be my guide


Whats a negation?
A fire that doesn't burn
What is you are a flame
And you don't know?
How could you know?
Did you ever light a fire?
How is it?
Is it warm?
Is it light?
What if there is a fire
You can't see?


I lighted a candle there
But in wasn't an usual one
It was the candle of my heart
And the altar was my soul

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