Friday, October 31, 2014

disonant star

disonant star

your body is decaying
ask yourself why?
why i am getting old?
why i have to die?
and in that moment you will receive
the answer
but this answer
will come
in a language you have forgotten
is the language of the universe
the universal language
of creation
it's a flow
a flow of energy
called love
unconditional love
so do you want love?
true love
not anykind of love
the one that tells you
"no limits"


seek inside you
no words
just energy
in motion
no pictures
no nothing
just the flow
just the flow

garden of eden

when did you fall from grace?
i will tell you
but not in a way you should expect
in a different way
so when did it happen?
it was longtime ago?
what if i say no?
i say you fall from grace now
because you choose that
so how do i choose eternity?
the answer is outhere,neo
and it will find you

what is the matrix?

"is the matrix real?"
it could be
"where is this matrix?"
where could be?
"are we lost?"
i don't know
"how do i escape?"
you can't
"so i'm helpless?"
"what do i do then?"
the answer is

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