Friday, October 31, 2014

Silence within


deep in the mountains of you
lies the spring
the spring of life
wich contain the memory
of what you are
you become conscious
of what you are
a seeker
a seeker of life


the dragon emerges
you ride it
high above clouds
clouds of thoughts
thoughts of the past
past forgotten


you gain trust
trust in yourself
and what you are capable of
you can fly
you can fly so high
nobody can toch you
you are invicible


eternal is what you are
so powerful
so you
you can do anything
anything you've ever dream of
dream is your guide
in this realm
dream is what you are
in fact


stars shine
stars shine within stars
they are so bright
they cary the knoledge
of the ancestors
the ancestors that once lived
they lived on this hills
they call for you
to return
to return in the valley
of you
the eternal peace


sun is the center
sun is the center of everything
sun is your avatar
enter your sun
just enter and see
what's there?
tremendous light
what do you want to be?
how is light?
light is good?
is warm?
is what you want?
then take it
just take it
take it and become it


i am light
i am
i am the center of me
i am
i am the peace that lies there
i am
i am everything
i am
i am one with the clouds
i am
i am one with the stars
i am
i am one with the universe
i am
i am

sigmund freud

i think so i am

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