Friday, October 31, 2014


aligning the planets

sun burst into the atoms
emerge from within
the distance of our souls
separated from source
between that
and the eternal flow
it's just a glimpse of an eye


judging from my perspectives
everything is dark inside
everything emerge from inside
everything happens inside

star of you

disonant sounds
on your pathway
to reach bliss
align yourself
with the frequency
of the universe


mankind is at the edge of a cliff
but that jump into the abiss
will bring
the next step into the evolution
a new specie is born
one with the capacity
of overlaping space and time
multidimensional travel
no boundaries
no nothingness


into the abiss of time
lies the pearl
the perfect one
the one that is
the entire creation

sonic pulses

into the darkness
sound emerges
and from that sound
matters come to life
what is life?
ask and you shall receive


into the atoms
i've seen myself
splitted into tachyons
and into the tachyons
i've seen something else
something new
something unpredictable
i've seen death


death is the beggining of change
and change is the eternal law
of the universe
so how often do you change?

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