Friday, October 31, 2014

message from a sun extraterestrial

the starting of a new era is inside of us
we build with every moment
the world we want
so it's important
to rememeber that we are creators
for now in the beginning stage
but even so we can do a lot
we could start building the foundation
i belive we can do that
ok and what could be the foundation?
if the society we live in is built on fear
then on what we will construct the new world?
i think we all know
and we all want that
it's the magic word that connects everything around us
so let's hit the start button
i didn't tell you the word
and i wont tell it
because i would spoil everything
so this is how things are
we don't need artificial stuff anymore
we need concrete things
so instead of saying the magic word
do it
be that word with everything you are
end of transmission


aligning the planets

sun burst into the atoms
emerge from within
the distance of our souls
separated from source
between that
and the eternal flow
it's just a glimpse of an eye


judging from my perspectives
everything is dark inside
everything emerge from inside
everything happens inside

star of you

disonant sounds
on your pathway
to reach bliss
align yourself
with the frequency
of the universe


mankind is at the edge of a cliff
but that jump into the abiss
will bring
the next step into the evolution
a new specie is born
one with the capacity
of overlaping space and time
multidimensional travel
no boundaries
no nothingness


into the abiss of time
lies the pearl
the perfect one
the one that is
the entire creation

sonic pulses

into the darkness
sound emerges
and from that sound
matters come to life
what is life?
ask and you shall receive


into the atoms
i've seen myself
splitted into tachyons
and into the tachyons
i've seen something else
something new
something unpredictable
i've seen death


death is the beggining of change
and change is the eternal law
of the universe
so how often do you change?

disonant star

disonant star

your body is decaying
ask yourself why?
why i am getting old?
why i have to die?
and in that moment you will receive
the answer
but this answer
will come
in a language you have forgotten
is the language of the universe
the universal language
of creation
it's a flow
a flow of energy
called love
unconditional love
so do you want love?
true love
not anykind of love
the one that tells you
"no limits"


seek inside you
no words
just energy
in motion
no pictures
no nothing
just the flow
just the flow

garden of eden

when did you fall from grace?
i will tell you
but not in a way you should expect
in a different way
so when did it happen?
it was longtime ago?
what if i say no?
i say you fall from grace now
because you choose that
so how do i choose eternity?
the answer is outhere,neo
and it will find you

what is the matrix?

"is the matrix real?"
it could be
"where is this matrix?"
where could be?
"are we lost?"
i don't know
"how do i escape?"
you can't
"so i'm helpless?"
"what do i do then?"
the answer is

Silence within


deep in the mountains of you
lies the spring
the spring of life
wich contain the memory
of what you are
you become conscious
of what you are
a seeker
a seeker of life


the dragon emerges
you ride it
high above clouds
clouds of thoughts
thoughts of the past
past forgotten


you gain trust
trust in yourself
and what you are capable of
you can fly
you can fly so high
nobody can toch you
you are invicible


eternal is what you are
so powerful
so you
you can do anything
anything you've ever dream of
dream is your guide
in this realm
dream is what you are
in fact


stars shine
stars shine within stars
they are so bright
they cary the knoledge
of the ancestors
the ancestors that once lived
they lived on this hills
they call for you
to return
to return in the valley
of you
the eternal peace


sun is the center
sun is the center of everything
sun is your avatar
enter your sun
just enter and see
what's there?
tremendous light
what do you want to be?
how is light?
light is good?
is warm?
is what you want?
then take it
just take it
take it and become it


i am light
i am
i am the center of me
i am
i am the peace that lies there
i am
i am everything
i am
i am one with the clouds
i am
i am one with the stars
i am
i am one with the universe
i am
i am

sigmund freud

i think so i am

The eyes of truth


Thoughts are cages
Cages for the soul
How many cages you have?
Cages in cages...
Wanna break free?
Here this
It'a a call
It's a call from within
A siren that tells you...


Who is in charge?
Who is in charge of your body?
Who is in charge of you?
You decide


I have measured my soul
I took an instrument to see
How far it can go
Do you know what I've discovered?
No limit
This is your soul

Can I?

Yes you can
You can do that
And that too
There are no bounderies
You are free
You are free of all your cages
Follow your heart
And your cages will disolve
In you


I've done many things
I've done many techniques
Many forms of meditation
What have I learned?
Life is the ultimate meditation
Follow life...


In your deep cave
You hide from yourself
But do you need a cave?


Darkness turn to light
When you reach your soul
Stars are shining within you
And do you want more?
More what?
Can you take it?
Can you handle it?
If you do then ask
No more


Shadows of the past...
What is past when there is present
What is future?
No past
Got it?


You are what you are
You are who you are
Nothing more
Nothing less

The great mystery

Taj Mahal

Like this you are


People build
People build big things
People build big things to demonstrate
That they are big
And they are right
In every way


From that cliff i've seen the light
But it wasn't the only one
So many cliffs
So many
Wich should i pick?
Should i pick them all?
You could...
Do you need a cliff?
What if you could fly?
You could be above cliffs...

 Capital letter

Sun is in my eyes
When i recognise myself
As who i am
Star between stars
Little i know of this
But i can learn
From the one in the sky
He could be my guide


Whats a negation?
A fire that doesn't burn
What is you are a flame
And you don't know?
How could you know?
Did you ever light a fire?
How is it?
Is it warm?
Is it light?
What if there is a fire
You can't see?


I lighted a candle there
But in wasn't an usual one
It was the candle of my heart
And the altar was my soul