Friday, October 31, 2014

message from a sun extraterestrial

the starting of a new era is inside of us
we build with every moment
the world we want
so it's important
to rememeber that we are creators
for now in the beginning stage
but even so we can do a lot
we could start building the foundation
i belive we can do that
ok and what could be the foundation?
if the society we live in is built on fear
then on what we will construct the new world?
i think we all know
and we all want that
it's the magic word that connects everything around us
so let's hit the start button
i didn't tell you the word
and i wont tell it
because i would spoil everything
so this is how things are
we don't need artificial stuff anymore
we need concrete things
so instead of saying the magic word
do it
be that word with everything you are
end of transmission

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