Tuesday, August 25, 2015


tired of artifficiality

to the bones
i want to get free
i want to break free
like freddy used to say
for me it's enough
i feel suffocated
too many information
too many
and in rough format
almost not digerably
so i say stop
stop this nonsemse
it's getting nowhere
nowhere i say
people are addicted to information
they stock and stock
it's a hobby
a dangerous one
because they think they know something
but it's not so
what's the use of having the schematics of a plane
if you don't intend to build one
and they say
"i know how to build a plane!"
so build one
and when you've done it
i belive you

another problem

how do you know the information is genuine?
because if it's not,is a fake
you are in big biiiig trouble
so how do you know an information is good?
you want to know?
my advice
don't do this anymore
don't seek the truth in information
you wont find it
search in yourself
see how much love you can put into circuit
give receive
give receive
and then you will find
the truth
every bit of it
through expansion
end of story


word information is denaturated
information is not a bunch of word organized
information is pure light
transfigured into blocks of tachyons
stored in containers named dendrites
which every neuron in your brain has
you receive information
straight from the sun
and believe me
sun knows more than any savant of this planet
you still like words?


what are words?
do you know the purpose they had in the past?
and how in time people forgot what they really are?
let's say you are a creator
capable of materializing things
you are a good mathematician and physician and so on
so you know how to build a spaceship
you know everything,how it function and so
you need only to build it
everything is made of energy
matter is condensed energy
so you want to bring this spaceship into your dimension
how you do it?
well it's easy
you say the magic word
and voila
the spaceship appear
so you see
in the past words were mantras
soon we will get there too
but first we need to realign
our brain emispheres
wich now are out of sync
after that
we will need a lot of energy
huge energy
our love must reach the skyes
and then
and then it's another story

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