Tuesday, August 25, 2015


what's an idiot?

an idiot is a person
who doesn't accept
from others
he thinks that
only him
the truth
and i
with that

the truth

the truth from my perspective
is the truth
i see
i sense
i perceive
i am the center
of my being
from that center
i can see everything
the way it is

from the top

from a top of a building you have a better view
and again
who am i?
i am the tree i see in the valley?
am i the telescope from wich i see the stars?
or i am the viewer behind the telescope
i am all in one?
so how could this be?
how can i be all?
i can
from radiance
sun know everything that happens on this planet
through the rays of light
what is counciousness?
is that how much i can expand?
can i expand to the limits of the universe?
sure i can
how much light can i carry?
what is light?
do i know?
how could i know?
can i reach the sun from here?
sure i can
can i send a ray there?
of course
imagine that
picture that
on your mind
i am a laser beacon
and i shoot the sun
what will the sun do?
he will shot at me too
am i going to die?
of course
you will die instantly
and instantly you will be born again
from your modified dna
he will alter your dna strucure
what is dna
dna is a storage tool
an itelligent one
it reacts on light
it changes on light
i need light to change myself
into what?
into what i what to be
so what do i do?
i say a prayer
a simple one
i want to be an actor
i send the message to the sun
and he responds to my wish
with what?
he tells me how to become an actor
in a blink of an eye

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