Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Multitude of lights


All I am is a reflection on the mirror of time
Time wich doesnt exists of course
Only in the weak minds
But then what time Im talking obout
Hmm I dont know
Maybe Im just crazy
Or maybe im not thinking like everybody else
But what if im not thinking at all
What if is only silence in my mind
Whats then?

Cuantum leap

Atoms are splitting
Are splitting everywhere
Everywhere I look
And is wonderful
I can see inside myself


Stars are shining
Stars are shining on my forehead
They are showing me the way
Not the way I choose
The way of the Universe


Somewhere between time and space
Lies something unexpected
Something truly wonderful
Something to be seen
And is not ordinary
Its common sense


Vizualize yourself in a plane
Full of people
Different races
Different countries
Different places
But all in one direction
And this is the truth
The only one


The sun is down
For all mankind
But not for long
Soon a new era is born
And the Sun will be up again

Son of the Sun

The son of the Sun is a Sun
And that son is you
That Sun is you


All is all
All is not separate
All cant be separated
It simply cant
And when I look at you
I see all


Dreams are clouds in the rain
They show us a path
To another dimension
One that is within us

Mother Nature

Is all around you
She feeds you
She raises you
She guides you
She embraces you
She protects you
What are you doing instead?
What kind of child are you?
Do you know what love is?
Did you forgot?
Its not too late
Just open yourself up
Tune yourself in again
You know how to love
You just forgot
Its ok
You can
Its not your fault
Its only the way the things are
Tune in
Hear my voice
Im wispering right to your ear
I love you you know
I loved you all the way
And I will forever
And ever

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