Friday, September 4, 2015

Eternal Silence

eternal silence

eternal silence
runs through me
i break through
clouds of dispair
i reach the point
where everything is one
one thought
one conciousness
one breath
eternity lies ahead
one road
one destiny
everything in connected
everything is one
i lay myself in the dark
but i shine through
its only me outthere
only me
the plenitude of me
i stare at the dark
and speak to it
i love it
i love my dark

conciousness x4

its the beginning
and the end
its alpha
and omega
its everything i know
and i know
i know now
who i am
what i am
im a spark
a spark from a sun
and that spark
is one with the other sparks
from other suns
and is a dance of joy
a dance of sparks
this is it
and i sing
without a voice
and i dance
without moving
on the song
that is called life

conciousness x4

Eternal Silence Youtube video link.

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