Saturday, May 2, 2015

one object

one object

there is one object
in front of your eyes
an infinite object
and that object
is you

point of view

there are many points of view
and all points of view
are the same

we see

we all see the same thing
the problem is
we think they are different


i see a cloud in form of an unicorn
you see a cloud in form of an eagle
i say look an unicorn
you say look an eagle
but we both see
there are only clouds

the truth

the truth is not a concept in your mind
ready to be worshipped
the truth is
and the truth is changing every moment
every moment
a new truth is born
why do you hang
on an older truth
by the time you invent a concept
the whole universe invent itself

what is thinking

can you think
with your whole body
not only
with your brain?


thought is not a source
thought is a manifestation
of source
the source and the thought
are one


thought is light

the story of you

when you were born
you were happy
somebody told you
that is not enough
that he knows something better for you
but he tricked you
he teached you how to create
a monster inside you
now you have a monster
and that monster
is always hungry
and he frighten you
what to do now?
get back to your origins
find again the child in you
and ignore the beast

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